Lilo's Mobile Pet Spa, Inc. originated form any idea on how to perform a better service to our little furry four paw friends, where their parents can feel comfortable and happy with all the services provided and with a peace of mind that their pooch's are going to be in great hands with the amazing idea of providing a live pet cam to take a peak whenever your pet is with us.


With a lot of professionalism and security one of our main goals is to give as much love as possible as we give to our own.


We are dog parents and we know how much they mean to you and the unconditional love pets always give to us, so we don't give nothing less than that to them.

Pros of LILO'S Mobile Pet Spa:


- Licensed and professional groomers.

- No more long and stressful waiting for you and your pooch.

- You don't have to go to us, we go to you.

- Watch live all we do.

- No more cage waiting for your pets while they get picked up.

- Save money and time.

- Love is a must for us.

Call Us TODAY: (786) 812-LILO


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